Singapore, 22 September 2021 – Live Panel [Disrupting Maritime with Corporate Consortiums]

James Ong was one of the four panelists in the SLINGSHOT2021 Live Panel: Disrupting Maritime with Corporate Consortiums, alongside Shanker Pillai (Head of Innovation at Hafnia), Claus Nehmzow (Chief Innovation Officer at EPS) and Shaun Hon (General Partner at Motion Ventures).

There’s a multi-billion dollar opportunity to make the global supply chain more efficient, yet agile iteration can be difficult for many corporations. In this session, James adopted a strategic use case and investments perspective and shared about how corporate consortiums can help find new technologies for the maritime industry, scale them to meet their target audience’s needs, and develop meaningful solutions.

James also spoke about relooking at the way employee performance is measured, leveraging on Strategic Mindset (Forward thinking), Collaboration, Stewardship (P&L), Creativity and Mindfulness (respect, dignity, civic-mindedness). He believes that collaboration is core to innovation and leads the team in exploring potential partnerships in maritime sector.  

IMC is known for its long-standing partnerships that last decades. The group believes that the same principles apply to startups and IMC in establishing successful partnerships and bringing new value to the table.

James Ong, speaking at SLINGSHOT 2021 Disrupt Live Panel