Part of the judging panel, Mr James Ong (leftmost on second row)

This year’s Smart Port Challenge offers 17 innovation opportunities that address 5 key focus areas:

  1. Smart Port
  2. Smart Ship
  3. Crew Safety, Training and Wellbeing
  4. Smart Maritime Services and Logistics
  5. Green Technology

Over the past five weeks, The Smart Port Challenge 2021 finalists have been averaging about nine hours each week learning from and engaging with instructors, mentors and key stakeholders to validate their solutions and fine-tune their value propositions for the maritime industry. On top of this, they’ve been reaching out to maritime corporates to secure collaboration opportunities. Each team pitched before a panel of industry experts on 18 November in the Semi-Finals for one of the 10 places in the Grand Final to be held on 23 November.

“It was enriching to be able to hear the different unique value propositions that the startups bring to the table. Hopefully they will be able to provide something that will uplift the capabilities of the maritime industry by using Singapore as a springboard to the world”. – Mr James Ong, part of the judging panel in the Semi-Finals.