Organised by Enterprise Singapore, the TCC aims to drive partnerships between corporates and startups or SMEs, to co-create key innovative solutions that address on-the-ground industry needs and boost digital transformation in the trade and connectivity sectors.

TCC welcomes startups from around the world to showcase their solutions that address challenge statements covering key areas and topics such as Sustainability and Supply Chain Resilience, Transport & Mobility, and Robotics & Automation. Shortlisted participants will have the opportunity to collaborate, co-develop and pilot solutions with key global and local corporate partners via paid trials. A total prize pool of S$100,000 of grant prizes is made available for this Challenge.

Challenge Statement

As one of the Corporate Sponsors of TCC, IMC Pan Asia Alliance presented our challenge statement –

“How can we develop an application that replaces the current manual way of consolidating information from different sources; and instead, streamline information to provide insights and support commercial decisions on vessel deployment?”


Many of the data gathering and information processing activities needed to make trade decisions today are highly manual in the maritime industry. Not all data is available publicly, and the team has to rely on their networks to get the desired information/data, which may not be entirely accurate/updated. At the same time, the recommendations are usually subjective and depend on different members’ assessment of the current situation.

The ”ideal state” would be to have an automated decision recommendation engine, that takes into account past relationships across the different variables and expected future trends/trajectories to predict trade activity for a specific commodity.

Leow Siew Jin, Special Projects Lead at IMC Ventures, spoke at the industry briefing session (YouTube recording) on Nov 16th 2022. We are looking for solutions that can maximise revenue based on forecasted demand supply imbalances, provide options of optimised vessel deployment and automate public data gathering process.

For more details on the challenge statement, please visit the the TCC Website in the link below.

The submission for applications will be closed on 1 March 2023, 11:59pm (SGT/GMT+8).

Please head toward the TCC website if you are interested to participate!